• Aluminium ROPP (roll on pilfer proof) caps
  • Aluminium and tin printed sheets in multicolor

With every passing day, the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries experience increasingly complex requirements and demands to meet strict health and safety standards, often starting from the production process itself. This is where we come in.

At Alutop, we manufacture Aluminium ROPP caps that keep your products safe and hygienic, ensuring maximum quality up until the time it reaches consumer doorsteps. Our Aluminium ROPP (roll on pilfer proof) caps and closures are of the time-tested design that leaves no room for compromise.

With closures varying from 20mm to 53mm in size, and with a steady production of 5 million closures a day, rest assured you will never run out of top-notch supplies and are always ready to deliver the best to consumers.

Alutop also manufactures Aluminium and tin printed sheets in multicolour variants of your choice.

These serve the needs of other primary packaging manufacturers, as well as signage and display clients. Our production facilities are powered by high-speed machinery which is built to meet the many client requirements we encounter. As times change, our technologies advance and this guarantees the best of quality and quantity at all times.

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