Sophisticated Offset Metal Printing

The manufacturing of printed sheets starts with the cutting of jumbo coils into the required sizes. These cut sheets are then pre-processed, following which sophisticated offset metal printing machines are used to print the sheets with the client’s logo, message and brand colours.

aluminium caps
Power Press and Precision Dies

For the production of aluminium caps, the help of high-speed power presses and precision dies is taken, and the printed sheets are punched to make shells. Camera-based inspection systems are used to eliminate any non-conforming caps. These shells are then passed through multi-head knurling and wading machinery to form the finished aluminium caps, which are then counted electronically and packed for delivery.

production units
Technological Innovations
Fully automatic PP cap lines
Operator safety
Camera-based inspection systems
Monitoring the Process

Subsequent finishing operations are then performed on the sheets. Highly qualified production and quality-control personnel are appointed to monitor and record the whole process.