Alutop is a leading metal printing company, with the core focus being the manufacturing of industry-standard aluminium closures, called pilfer proof caps, as well as printing of aluminium and tin sheets.

Alutop was established by a group of dynamic professionals in the year 1990 in Bangalore, known appropriately as the “Silicon Valley of India”. The main aim of the organisation was to make high-quality metal closures keeping in mind the significance of these simple yet vital packaging components. This has been achieved many-fold in the three decades the company has functioned, but as times and technologies change, Alutop grows more sophisticated. Just as the organisation is fuelled by customer and consumer satisfaction, Alutop is equally driven by the thirst for new technology, innovation and responsibility. 

Aluminium closures mainly find their usage in the food and beverage industries, and in the pharmaceutical space. What passes off as a simple bottle cap or printed sheet actually has days of precise manufacturing behind it. It goes without saying that, since the pharmaceutical, food and beverage products have a direct impact on the consumers, it is imperative that products used in packaging are top-notch and that the manufacturing equipment and processes operate in environmentally-controlled conditions.

In this endeavour, Alutop has risen to become one of the leading names in the field; the company’s list of clients is testament to that.

Alutop has catered to some of the largest organisations in the pharmaceutical industry as well as the food and beverage industry, including Apex Laboratories, Dr Reddy’s Laboratories, Johnson & Johnson Pvt. Ltd., Reckitt Benckiser India and GlaxoSmithKline Pharmaceuticals Ltd.

Our products are also exported to customers in South East Asia, Africa and the Middle East on a regular basis.

Alutop’s strategic location, in Bangalore, in the suburb of Peenya, means that some of the biggest manufacturing facilities and organisations in the nation are neighbours to Alutop.

The establishment of a second manufacturing plant a mere 70 km away from the main city has helped Alutop improve its ability to service varied client requirements, specifications and order sizes. In just a single day, Alutop can print and process around 12 tonnes of aluminium sheets. The entire process is closely supervised by highly skilled and trained personnel.

Alutop follows a strict quality policy to ensure effective production, quality output and smooth client relations. The policy is a three-pronged approach, the first of which is to manufacture products that are cost-effective and perfectly crafted to specific customer needs. Secondly, Alutop aims to remain responsive and responsible towards all stakeholders – customers, suppliers and employees – and finally, to consistently follow a globally-accepted standard of Quality Management.

Alutop has built a reputation for quality, consistency and customer satisfaction over the better part of three decades.

To take advantage of extensive facilities and decades of expertise and experience in manufacturing aluminium caps and metal printed sheets, look no further than Alutop.