Ropp caps

Aluminium ROPP Caps

Alutop is a leading manufacturer of roll-on pilfer proof caps (aluminium bottle caps), catering to the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. These Aluminium Ropp caps are crucial components, as they are used for protecting and preserving medicines and beverages, among others. Even though they seem small, they are perhaps the most important in keeping the product from getting contaminated and affecting the end-customer adversely.

Aluminium Bottle Caps Company in Bangalore, India

Alutop makes Aluminium Bottle Caps in two plants – one in Bangalore city, and the other which is located at a distance of 70km from Bangalore. The jumbo coils of aluminium are initially cut into sheets of the desired sizes at first, which are passed through various processes to make them suitable to be converted into caps.

The printing is done by sophisticated metal printing machinery. The entire process is recorded and overseen by the capable quality control personnel so that quality standards are met.

The printed sheets are then passed through gang slitters, where they are prepared for the punching operation. The punching is done by high-speed power presses, which have precision dies. The shells that have been punched then go through the high-speed knurling and wading machinery, where they take the finished form. These ROPP caps are then packed electronically, and packaged for dispatch to the client for their use.

ROPP Caps for Pharma and Beverage Industry

ROPP caps are used for most bottles in the pharma and the beverage industry – the caps on bottles of syrup are the most common example. The importance of good quality caps can never be understated since they are used extensively in the pharmaceutical industry. The caps have a direct impact on the health and safety of the end customer since they prevent the medicines from degradation over time. As an added protective measure, the aluminum caps also come with a ring at the bottom, which separates after the opening of the bottle. The idea is simple- if the seal is cracked or separated, it is a tell-tale sign to the end consumer that the bottle has been opened.

Aluminum ROPP Caps Manufacturing

The ROPP caps manufactured at Alutop are versatile. They come in many sizes depending on client’s requirements the factories today produce 5 million closures in a single day, in sizes ranging from 20mm to 53mm. These caps can be used for both glass and plastic bottles.

Alutop has made a name, both internationally and nationally, in manufacturing a critical component of packaging, for the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. To learn more about the caps and what dimensions they can be manufactured in, please have a look at the specifications sheet.