Printed Sheets

Aluminium and Tin printed sheets

Alutop provides aluminium printed sheets and tin printed sheets to a multitude of clients in the packaging industry. These are also supplied to clients in the signages and displays industry. At Alutop, sheets are manufactured keeping in mind the exacting design, colour and finish specified by the client, while also being low-cost.

Aluminium Printed Sheets

Alutop printed sheets are valued by many loyal customers in India and overseas.

Alutop’s over-70,000 sq. ft. manufacturing facilities have ensured that the order execution cycle function on three crucial fronts:

  • Time reduction in the process of order to delivery
  • Controlled-environment production lines
  • Customer satisfaction

The factories are equipped to produce 12 tonnes of printed aluminium sheets in just a single day. The production processes, right from the first step, are carried out in environmentally-controlled sections of the factories to avoid contamination. This ensures that, when used by clients in packaging, the sheets serve their intended purpose.

Aluminium Printed Sheets Manufacturing

From jumbo coils to printed sheets, our manufacturing process is exact, time-tested and strictly adhered to.

Massive jumbo coils are introduced to the machinery, which cuts the coils, as per client specifications, into sheets of a set size. The cut sheets are run through de-greasing and coating processes before the next step, which is proofing and printing.

In this step, the artwork of the client comes to life, as their logo, brand colours, designs and messages are printed swiftly onto the cut sheets.

Our Proficiency in Aluminium Printed Sheets

The complete process is coupled with frequent monitoring by quality-conscious, highly-trained staff. This ensures defect-free industry-grade output, which is crucial, considering the high volumes of production that the factories see every day.

Aluminium and Tin Sheets For Pharma, Food and Beverage Industry

These aluminium and tin sheets service clients who in turn service the pharmaceutical, food and beverage industries. They’re also put to use by firms that specialize in signage and display.

Alutop today is a market leader, with years of experience in producing high-quality printed sheets that have garnered domestic and foreign clients. At the core of the company values lie a relentless focus on quality.