Manufacturing Facilities

The company’s production units boast an in-house metal printing facility and environment-controlled pilfer proof cap production lines. With these two manufacturing units, the company produces about 5 million closures per day of size varying between 20mm and 53mm. The firm’s printing  capacity is around12 tons of aluminium sheets in a single day. Over nearly three decades, Alutop has catered to a number of clients with varied requirements and specifications.

Alutop has always been inclined towards upgrading and enhancing the technology environment.  Advanced equipment like high-speed power presses and high-speed knurling-wading machinery have escalated production quantities while reducing time taken from order to supply. These are supported by electronic counting facilities that have increased the production capacity as well as quality standards. The machines are manned by highly-qualified personnel who ensure a smooth production process from start to finish.

The manufacturing of printed sheets starts with the cutting of jumbo coils into the required sizes. These cut sheets are then pre-processed, following which a highly-sophisticated offset metal printing machine is used to print the sheets with the client’s logo, message and brand colours.

Subsequent finishing operations are then performed on the sheets. Highly-qualified production and quality-control personnel are appointed to monitor and record the whole process.

For the production of aluminium caps, the help of high-speed power presses and precision dies is taken, and the printed sheets are punched to make shells. These shells are then passed through multi-head knurling and wading machinery to form the finished aluminium caps, which are then counted electronically and packed for delivery. The customer service policy of Alutop is founded on a relentless focus on quality.

Understanding how important it is to keep this tiny packaging component free of contamination, the company manufactures products in environmentally-controlled, dust-free sections of the factories.

A strict monitoring, measuring and recording procedure is followed as per documented industry standards. Since 2004, Alutop has strictly adhered to the ISO 9001 quality management standards.

The manufacturing facilities of the company are housed in over 70,000 sq. ft. built up area. Kept up-to-date with the changing technology, inspection and high-speed machinery are time-tested to meet the myriad requirements of clients.

A testament to the steady, top-notch quality of Alutop’s products is it’s growing list of satisfied customers in the country. Alutop also exports products to clients in South-East Asia, Africa and the Middle East, and the manufacturing units meet the quantity and quality needs of these customers just as efficiently.

With over 100 loyal customers in India and overseas tucked under their belt, Alutop has transformed from a small manufacturing company, built in 1990, to a renowned business grown on goodwill and putting consumers’ needs first, always.