Aluminium ROPP Caps

Alutop is a leading manufacturer of Roll On Pilfer Proof Caps (R.O.P.P. Caps) in packaging industry. Alutop has proved its immense capability in manufacturing the aluminum closures and Pilfer Proof Caps for the pharma & beverage industry. We have the facilities to manufacture the closures in all sizes possible.

Why Pilfer Proof Caps:

Closures being a primary packaging component used for preservation of end products, we here elaborate the purpose of using the Pilfer proof caps in the packaging industry. Pilfer Proof Caps are made of alloy AA8011 aluminum sheets with outer lacquering effects and possibilities for further relief imaging. The inside of the caps is lacquered and there is either an elastic ring of expanded polythene to prevent the liquid from leaking or a dosing device.

The caps are made suitable for screwing on glass bottles and plastic bottles for alcoholic beverages and medicines.

The tear-off ring at the bottom part separates after opening and further closure is guaranteed.

When a pilfer proof closure is removed it breaks away from a secure band of aluminum which remains attached to the bottle. This broken seal shows that the bottle has been opened. This guarantees the safeguard of an individual using the final product on which these closures are used.